Sunday, 16 January 2011

HobbyKing Mini-Swift

HobbyKing Mini-Swift (you can see another plane behind it: SlowFly)

Multiplex Fox (for comparison)

A small little glider that improved my handling of rudder control. Basically, it is a copy from the Multiplex Fox that has a power system. Surprisingly, the Mini-Swift handled well against strong winds and is one of my favourites. Alas, the motor shaft, solder joints and ESC gave way too often too easily. I stopped flying it after having replaced the motor twice and also the ESC. Though a good glider, it lacks any serious sort of aerobatic capability since it is way too light.  It is frequently blown off-course by the winds. The CG point mentioned by others stated it at the saddle point but for me, using a 850mah 2S1P battery in the cockpit bay worked fine.

Technical Data
Wingspan: 610mm
Length: 485mm
Weight: 150g
Propeller: 5.1 x 3.1

Motor: Brushless Outrunner
Battery: 500 to 850 mah 2S1P 7.4v
Servo: 2 x 3.7g, 1 x 8g

: 7
Performance: 6
Aerial Ability: 5
Design: 7
Overall: 8

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