Saturday, 15 January 2011

GWS Slow Stick

GWS Slow Stick

A classic. I enjoyed flying this plane very much. It comes as a kit so you get to learn how to build your own model. As the name implies, you are flying a "stick", as to "slow" it depends on the power system used which is highly configurable. It is a a forgiving, 3-channel plane to pick up orientation during flight and it does very minor aerobatics too. Its strengths are in its light frame, usable landing gears, float-like characteristics and suitability to mount tiny cameras for flight videos.

Technical Data
Wingspan: 1176mm
Length: 954mm
Weight: 440g
Propeller: 10 x 4.7
Motor: Brushless 1290kv
Battery: 1300mah 2S1P 7.4v
ESC: 15A
Servo: 2 x 9g

: 7
Performance: 5
Aerial Ability: 6
Design: 7
Overall: 6

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