Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Starmax F-5E Tiger II

Starmax F-5E Tiger II

This plane was decommissioned after a low-altitude crash at a time when I got careless. A complete makeover for the damaged nose did not worked as planned (see picture below). On hindsight, I came to realised that the plane flew somewhat tail-heavy right from beginning till the end. It taught me not to be shy when it comes to toning down the throws and using greater exponential settings. It sports the Canadian Cold Lake paint scheme and the short wings made roll manoeuvres really fasst. The power system matched the flight requirements quite nicely. The missiles broke easily. Well, a little handful for me but a nice plane to fly overall.

Turnigy Jet (oh it still crashed upon re-maiden - hehe)


Technical Data
Wingspan: 532mm.
Length: 939mm.
Weight: 500g.
Motor: 4800kv
EDF: 64mm
Battery: 1300mah 3S1P 11.1v
ESC: 40A
Servo: 5 x 9g

: 7
Performance: 7
Aerial Ability: 8
Design: 7
Overall: 7

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