Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dynam Focus EP400

Dynam Focus EP400

My venture into low-wing planes was most memorable with the Focus EP400. It is made of good EPO san the stabilisers which were made from depron (that broke easily). It comes with an ugly red pilot (haha). There is limited fuselage space for the wires/equipment so an alternative is to route some to the canopy top.  The nose landing gear broke at my first landing so I immobilised it.  Adding carbon rods to stiffend the vertical/horizontal stabilisers is recommended. It flew well-balanced with a 1300mah 3S1P lipo pack in the designated battery tray. I found it easy to hand launch via the under-grasp method. Its broad envelope made it an excellent inverted flying trainer.  It is a well behaved plane with no bad characteristics. I made many successful flights with it.

Technical Data
Wingspan: 965mm.
Length: 775mm.
Weight: 455g.
Propeller: 8 x 4
Motor: Brushless Outrunner
Battery: 1300mah 3S1P 11.1v
ESC: 18A
Servo: 3 x 9g

: 7
Performance: 7
Aerial Ability: 8
Design: 6
Overall: 7

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