Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Good Folks and Good Blokes

I had observed that as when compared to RC Car hobbyists, RC Plane enthusiasts are generally more helpful and generous.  Basically a bunch of nice people. Several I know are working professionals who need to cope with family commitments. Hence, it is no surprise that they bunch together and strive for a good flying session at each opportunity.  I was blessed with the kindness of other RC flyers to help me for my first flight and I will certainly be extending the same courtesy to others.

Speaking of which a nice bloke sold to me two of his planes at a great price.  He even self-delivered them. The two planes are:

AXN-Cloud Fly - a superb all-rounder. Easy to launch, easy to fly.  Floats very well with long flight times. Accommodates a range of battery sizes.  Resistant to crashes and does basic aerobatics.  A good trainer.  Economical too!

Red Eagle Gee Bee 3D EPP - an aerobatic plane. Unfortunately, I had removed the electronics on this plane and used it for others. No experience flying this birdie to report for now.. I will get it up one day!

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