Monday, 19 November 2012

Skyangel F-16 Falcon (50mm)

Skyangel F-16 Falcon (50mm)

I had flown several of the mini EDFs made popular by JPowers/Skyangel.  This F-16 Falcon is by far the lightest and quickest with a 1-1-1 IHE configuration.  Extremely easy to launch and fly.  A model to consider for those still immersing themselves with EDF powered planes.  Employs a push-pull design to actuate aileron and elevator flaps using just two servos.  The belly and cockpit floor are very thin and will not take rough landing/abuse.  A "chuckie" to keep in the car.  Assembling planes from the mini EDF/mini Warbird series are straightforward.

Technical Data
Wingspan: 530mm.
Length: 680mm.
Weight: 325g.
EDF: 50mm

Battery: 850mah 3S1P 11.1v
ESC: 20A
Servo: 2 x 9g

: 8
Performance: 7
Aerial Ability: 7
Design: 7

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