Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Planes Dropping Bye

Easytiger T-50 Golden Eagle

This was among the few models I never got round to flying.  The T-50 looks beautiful and is used in the Republic of Korea Air Force. It has a motorised canopy and retracts which made it pretty cool.  The power system swapped in was under-powered when I bought it.  To fly it would require a hefty runway that I did not had a convenient access to.

Windrider BD-5J

One of the cutest plane in the hangar.  I got the BD-5J from another RC pilot.  I did not fly it as I was advised that the plane lacks the static thrust for a regular hand launch but flies fine after being airborne.  Not wanting to risk smashing this chubby chubba model from a mishap, I decided to let it go its separate way.  It is my aim to fly the BD-5 one day!

Kyosho Illusion

A small and fast zipper.  So small and fast that I decided that I would not fly it with the piloting skills I had back then.  Sold it off to another hobby member.  Kyosho is known for quality and I do miss this plane now.  Buy another - who knows?

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