Saturday, 30 April 2011

Global Fly T-45 Goshawk

Global Fly T-45 Goshawk

The Goshawk is without a doubt, one of the longest serving and my favourite RC plane model in the Starry Hangar. It is a superb all rounder that can pull off all basic aerobatic manoeuvres with aplomb but rolls were a little slow. It is easy and recommended for beginners starting into EDF Jets.

It is made of high quality smooth EPO, is easy on the eye and looks really beautiful airborne. The stock setup has sufficient power to take-off over short grass.  Hand launches in generally, were non-events. If you are keen to upgrade its power plant, consider flying it on 2200 4S1P 14.8v with upgraded motor/ESC.  Build tip: reinforce the stabiliser fins and front landing gear.

Technical Data
Wingspan: 950mm.
Length: 1000mm.
Weight: 620g.
Motor: 4300kv
EDF: 64mm
Battery: 2200ah 3S1P 11.1v
ESC: 50A
Servo: 3 x 9g

: 9
Performance: 8
Aerial Ability: 8
Design: 9
Overall: 9

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