Thursday, 26 August 2010

Learning The Basics

Comparing the Two Modes(Source:

As a beginner, it was not easy wading through tonnes of online material how to kick-start this hobby alone. Flight Simulator to the rescue! The tricky bit was that the Transmitter I had was for Mode 1 users. In common speak, that means the control sticks did not suit me cause I am a Mode 2 user by nature (see above diagram). Incidentally there are at least two other flying Modes, 3 and 4.  I practiced a few hours on FMS (a flight simulator) until I felt that I was ready for my first flight.

On to the field! Attempts to Rise-Off-Ground (ROG) or hand launch the E-Sky Nemo were poor. Chucking the model mightily into the wind helped minimally. The air time never lasted more than a short moment. At that point, I did not fully comprehend how the flaps worked together so it either the propeller broke or it was other repairs.

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